Personalised Gothic Style Tumblers with Straw in the UK - Embrace the Darkness

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Dare to venture into the shadows, where the allure of the mystique meets the personal touch of customisation. Pypog Gift Shop, known for its unique spin on personalisation, invites you to explore the enigmatic depths of its latest collection: "Personalised Gothic Style Tumblers with Straw in the UK". This collection isn't just an addition to your drinkware; it's a foray into a realm where the darkly beautiful and the uniquely personalised converge.

The Essence of Darkness and Beauty

At the heart of this collection lies "Sombre Land - The dark side of Wonderland", our alternative Alice-inspired series that reimagines the whimsical world with a gothic twist. Delve into designs where Alice wanders through a realm of beautifully illustrated roses intertwined with skulls, ancient books, and mysterious crosses. It's a place where the lines between the fantastical and the macabre blur, crafted for those who find beauty in the dark.

A Gothic Symphony of Designs

Pypog's gothic style tumblers are not merely drinkware; they are vessels of personal expression and intrigue. Featuring an array of designs from pagan style gifts to witch-themed tumblers, each piece is a testament to the alternative soul. The meticulously detailed illustrations invite you into worlds unseen, realms unexplored, and tales untold, making each sip from these tumblers a journey into the imagination.

gothic style personalised tumbler with straw any name
Witch-Themed Wonders

For those who draw power from the moon and see magic in the mundane, our witch-themed tumblers are a perfect companion. Adorned with symbols of mysticism and power, these tumblers are not just a statement of style but a declaration of identity.

Pagan Pleasures

Our Pagan style personalised gifts resonate with the spirits of nature and the ancient rites of old.

 Summer Solstice for Pagan Mother Earth Personalised stainless steel tumbler with straw any name for her present

These designs celebrate the connection between the earth and the ether, making every drink a ritual of reverence and reflection.

Personalisation: A Touch of Magic

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What sets the "Personalised Gothic Style Tumblers with Straw in the UK" collection apart is the ability to infuse personalisation into the heart of each design. At Pypog, we believe that personalisation is not just adding a name or a date; it's about embedding a piece of your soul into the item. Whether it's customising with your name, a significant date, or a quote that speaks to the depths of your being, our tumblers become reflections of who you are, ensconced in the allure of gothic beauty.

Pypog: A Sanctuary of Personalised Creativity

Nestled in Feltham and reaching out to the souls in Ashford (Middlesex), Sunbury, Staines, Kingston, and beyond, Pypog Gift Shop stands as a beacon for those seeking gifts that break the mould. With a commitment to quality, a passion for creativity, and a deep understanding of the importance of personal connection, Pypog is more than just a gift shop—it's a gateway to expressing your unique identity.


"Personalised Gothic Style Tumblers with Straw in the UK" from Pypog are more than just vessels for your beverages; they are declarations of individuality, imbued with the mystique of the gothic and the intimacy of personalisation. For those who walk the path less travelled, who embrace the night and find beauty in its embrace, this collection is for you. Explore the darkly beautiful world of Pypog, where every gift is a journey, every design a story, and every personalisation a touch of magic woven into the fabric of your daily life. Embrace the darkness, and let your style shine.