Where can I Buy Photo Rock Slate?

When it comes to finding a gift that truly speaks from the heart, a photo rock slate stands out as a poignant choice. This unique option merges the natural beauty of slate with personal memories, creating a keepsake that's as enduring as it is personal. Ideal for family occasions, these gifts carry a weight of meaning that even your gran would approve of.

What Is a Photo Slate?

At its core, a photo slate is a natural piece of slate that has been carefully selected for its quality and surface. It serves as a canvas for cherished memories, capturing moments in a way that's both striking and lasting. Pypog offers these slates in sizes of 15cm x 30cm & 20cm x 30cm, accommodating a range of images and preferences.

How Do You Put Photos/Pictures on Slate?

Creating a photo slate is a meticulous process that balances the number of photos and any text required. At Pypog, each slate is custom made, ensuring that your memories are perfectly captured to treasure forever. Through sublimation printing, we transfer your photos onto the slate, resulting in vibrant images that stand the test of time. Our professional use of top-market Sawgrass printers and inks guarantees superior colour detail and longevity, distinguishing our work from those using inferior materials. Be aware of companies selling rock slates that are not using high end ink as they are unlikely to last.

Are Photo Slates Waterproof?

Yes, photo slates are waterproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor placements. One of the remarkable qualities of slate is its resilience. A testament to this durability is a slate I placed on my brother's grave, which has remained intact and vibrant for over two years. However, to preserve the quality of the image, it's advisable to keep the slate out of direct sunlight.

Is Slate Natural?

Indeed, slate is a natural, another reason why I personally love them so much. Slate is fine-grained metamorphic rock known for its durability and longevity. Formed under the immense pressure and heat of the earth, slate has been used for centuries in both functional and decorative capacities. Its natural origin means each piece is unique, adding to the bespoke nature of every photo slate gift.

How to Make Photo Slates

The creation of photo slates involves a refined process of sublimation printing. This method embeds the image into the slate, rather than merely printing it on the surface, ensuring the photo remains vibrant and unaffected by external conditions. At Pypog, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality inks and printers to ensure that every slate we produce meets our exacting standards for colour detail and durability.

How Do You Put Pictures on Slate?

The beauty of purchasing a photo slate from Pypog is the ease of the process. To create your personalised slate, simply visit pypog.uk, select your preferred size, and send up to 8 photos to our email at pypoguk@gmail.com. Our skilled team handles the rest, carefully placing each photo onto a template and editing each one to perfection. We can also add a small amount of text to convey a message to your loved one, making the gift even more special.

In summary, photo rock slates from Pypog offer a unique and heartfelt way to preserve your most cherished memories. With their natural beauty, durability, and our commitment to quality, these slates are the perfect choice for anyone looking to give a gift that will be treasured for years to come.