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Custom Father's Day Gift for Dad Photo Gift - your words your photo on Rock Slate in 2 sizes

Custom Father's Day Gift for Dad Photo Gift - your words your photo on Rock Slate in 2 sizes

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Personalized Elegance on Slate: A Tribute to Dad That Lasts

Celebrate the bedrock of your family—your father—with a gift as steadfast and meaningful as the guidance he's provided. This Father’s Day, his birthday, or on Christmas, present him with our Custom Photo Rock Slate, an emblem of natural durability blended with the warmth of personalized affection.

Crafted from Nature, Personalized by You

Each piece of our rock slates is a testament to the uniqueness of nature, its texture speaking of timeless elegance. Pre-coated with a special polyester layer, these slates are tailored for the most vibrant and lasting sublimation print.

A Canvas for Your Words

On one side, a bespoke tribute: "Best Dad Ever", illustrated in vivid colors that stand out on the dark background. On the other, your own words—a quote, a message, or a memory. Craft a message that resonates, but remember, the more words you choose, the smaller the print. It's a balance of brevity and depth, ensuring your voice is heard in every word.

Sublimated Memories, Forever Intact

After selecting your preferred size—intimate 19cm x 14cm or expansive 29cm x 19cm—send us the photo and personal message you wish to immortalize. Our sublimation inks embed your sentiments deeply into the slate, just as your father’s legacy is embedded in you.

A Versatile Gift for Any Occasion

Not just for Father’s Day—this personalized rock slate is the ultimate gift for any dad on any special occasion. It's a unique way to convey appreciation for his everyday heroism and unwavering support.

Legacy of Words, Legacy of Love

Ideal for a son or daughter’s loving gesture, this slate stands as a monument to the shared moments and a canvas for the words that are often left unspoken. It’s more than a gift; it’s a personalized narrative, a daily nod to the stories that shape your bond.

Cherish the Past, Present, and Future

With your handpicked photo and carefully chosen words, this Custom Photo Rock Slate becomes a cherished heirloom, standing the test of time. Offer him a snapshot of the past, a treasure for today, and a promise for tomorrow—a celebration of his undying influence on your life.

Personalize your praise. Exalt your father.


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