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Sea turtles 20oz skinny tumbler personalised with any name

Sea turtles 20oz skinny tumbler personalised with any name

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In search of a tumbler that can maintain the ideal temperature for your drinks, whether you're sipping a refreshing cold beverage or indulging in a soothing hot drink, for extended periods? Look no further, as we proudly introduce the 20oz Sea Turtle Skinny Tumbler, available in an array of captivating sea turtle-inspired designs! Crafted from premium stainless steel, this tumbler has the remarkable ability to preserve the chill of your cold drinks for an impressive 8 hours, while cradling the warmth of your hot drinks for a cozy 4 hours. This makes it an impeccable companion for various occasions – be it relaxing at home, working in the office, or enjoying the great outdoors with a touch of ocean charm.

Measuring a graceful 21cm (8.3") in height (including the lid) and featuring a sleek base diameter of 7.1cm (2.8"), this slender sea turtle-themed tumbler rests comfortably in your grip and effortlessly slots into standard cup holders. To enhance its user-friendly design, it comes complete with a secure lid and a straw, ensuring a spill-free experience and ease in portability.

As an additional offering, we also present the SMART BOTTLE with a Temperature Display, boasting a generous capacity of 450ml, allowing you to carry your beverages with a touch of sea turtle elegance.

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